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Forwarding Agency

with presence in Mexico and United States

With international presence, Camili Group can satisfy every client’s needs for accurate and speedy deliveries.

Services in Mexico

Customs clearance

Shipment coordination

Official file integration

Consolitated pediments

CE advisory and consulting

Regime changes


Counseling trade

Our team of in house and external consultants advises CAMILI on daily operational procedures and on future changes to international trade laws.


  • Documentary audits
  • Full diagnosis
  • Development programs, controls, reviews
  • Customs agency audit
  • Control software review annex 24
  • Tax deternimation Art. 303 Naphtha


  • Customs and Foreign Trade Legislation
  • Development programs (Maquila, Altex, Draw Back)


  • Promotion Programs
  • Authorizations, extensions, SICEX, PROSEC
  • Register of importers / Specific sector
  • Administration of certificates of origin
  • Integration of CE files
  • Inventory control
  • Waste control
  • Ammendments to customs paperworks
  • Compliance with regulations and standards
  • Preparation of goverment reports

IT Department

Operational In-house server

Operational In-house report server

Services in United States

Tracking Shipments

Electronic manifests

Preparation of American documentation

Blue Letter

Inbonds handling

Quick Processing

Immediate export


Arrival notification

Shipping documentation

Labeling service

Re-packaging and packaging

Product assurance

Parcel handling

Assortment of orders

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